Friends of Playa Vista School

Annual Giving 2020-2021

With every donation we come together as a community sharing our talents and abilities to support Playa Vista Elementary School.

Many of our families opt for donating a monthly recurring amount for 10 months, typically September through June.

$95 per month, beginning in September and ending June 30, will total $950, the suggested annual giving level per student.

If you have already created an account with Friends of Playa Vista (perhaps when you donated last year, then please visit our log-in page to make new donations and/or to manage your account.

To make 10 monthly payments, start your donation in September and select an End Date of June 30, 2021.  Any donations received in July 2021 will also count, and thank you!


Donor Information

IRS receipts will be issued to the donor name provided below and will be emailed automatically to the email address provided.  IRS receipts for recurring monthly donations will be automatically emailed each month at the time of the automated transaction.


Students Associated with this Donation

If this donation is on behalf of a current student(s), please provide the following information.  Please note that Corporate Donations are not associated with individual students for recognition purposes.  For multiple children, please list in grade order beginning with the oldest.

Employer Matching Contribution

Employer matching contributions are a valuable source of funds.  Please let us know if your employer has a matching donation program and then contact your employer's matching gift coordinator.  Employer Matching Contributions can be associated with individual students listed above.

Create an Account

If you selected a recurring donation option we strongly recommend that you create an account which will allow you to review your giving history and modify your recurring donation at a future time.

Click here to reset your password for an existing account.

For additional account questions, email